Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tempest of Thoughts

Did anyone read the weather report for today?
It had warned of a Tempest. 
A Tempest of Thoughts. 
Wild. Untameable. Unforgiving. 
Shattering all the rules that came in the way
Drowning all traditions which stood by the bay

The Tempest of Thoughts in my mind
And I jumped right into the uncharted waters
Trying to hold on to the planks of ideas
Ideas. To keep me alive. 
Ideas. My only means to survive. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Let it Rain

Boxes. Black Boxes.
Dragging themselves on the streets
Wearing themselves out
On the Weary asphalt

Wake up. Eat. Work. Sleep.
Compartments for each moment of the day
Automated life
Black and White

And it rained. Tearing the Sky
The Boxes. Worried about their Suits and Tie
And Boots. Shiny Leather Boots.

The umbrellas bloomed like Shields
keeping them dry from the rain
Let the water not touch the Suits
Let the mud not soil the Boots

Out came a Box. With his guards down
Without a Shield and a frown
Baring its nakedness
Letting the Rain Carve the soul

A smile spread itself on the blank face
And serenity took over the bones
The rainbow exploded into a million colours
Drenching the eyes as the tears rolled

The boots are still dry
Dry as the hollow boxes
They watch in horror and dismay
As the boy colours the sky

Colours as vibrant as his dreams
Red. Blue. Yellow and Green
Dreams of freedom beyond Black and White
Beyond the Tick Tock and the automated life

The boy moves through the crowd
Saying, let it rain o please! Let it rain
Let go of the Umbrellas.
Just catch the next train.

Now I see the Shields melting
Now I see faces and beings
Beyond the Black and White
You and I can be Human again