Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Nadir

I have hit the Nadir

Is it not evident?

I have not posted in about a month.
Not read a new book during that time.
Have not seen a movie in its entirety.
Have not come out of the room.
Except for eating and classes. The latter too can not be counted. One confinement to another.
While I am typing this, am already thinking of reasons not to.

And my table is a mess. Well, it is not as messy as yesterday.
And No one has seen the mess tomorrow.

So, I have hit the nadir.
Call it the Writers' Block, Creative Diarrhoea, Stonewall or even the Trash.
But I have not been like this Before. I can blame it to many problems.
Exams. Wars. Flu. Heart. Rains.
But at the end of the day, its the words that fall apart.
Am trying Asemic writing. They say that helps. But trying it on class notes? From my experience, I'd say otherwise.
They say it is a way to climb this abysmal nadir. This gaping hole.
But the more I try to come out, the more it pulls me in.

Am still searching for words.
Lets see what tomorrow plans.
Lets see.