Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dreams and a Diary

Over the past few weeks, I have been travelling, meeting a lot of new people...time travellers, as I like to call them. Different people. Different Stories. A story of a person waiting to meet his daughter after a long gap of 7 years. While another of an airport worker with gleaming eyes planning to make it big on the silver screen.

A boy, selling soap bubbles. Blowing bubbles in the wind. Creating a bollywood styled dream sequence right on the beach. He had come to the town with a dream in his eyes and a diary in his hands. A diary of songs he was penned down. And a dream to become the next Gulzar. You ask him his name and gives you a reply in the form of a verse. And again goes back to job of creating a dream on the beach. People can't help but smile.

This reminds me of the beautiful nazm by Gulzar!
आदमी बुलबुला है पानी का
और पानी की बहती सतह पर

टूटता भी है, डूबता भी है
फिर उभरता है, फिर से बहता है

ना समंदर निगल सका इसको
ना तारीख़ तोर पायी है

वक़्त की मौज पर सदा बहता
आदमी बुलबुला है पानी का
We are like these bubbles of water, dissolving just to emerge again. Neither the world nor time as been able to stop us. 
We have been travelling through time with dreams in our eyes and the verse of our lives on our lips.
We. The time travellers.