Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Return to Reality.

It has been quite some time since I have paid a visit to this place. Although I had so much to write, I just did not have the heart, the mind, or rather, time. So tonight I let all the words, which have amassed in my heart, out so that tomorrow starts anew.
My summer internship at Bharti AXA was to commence from the 16th of April. Where? In New Delhi. Yeah. My roads have and will cross with the capital, whether its choice or otherwise. I reached Delhi on the 17th and reached the room which would be our haven for the next two months. Who would have known what was in store for us? That day was the first day of my training. My colleagues briefed me of the vagaries of the place. And did I find sweat on my forehead? Blaming it on the notorious Delhi heat, I moved on. And that's when the real journey started. I would keep the intricate details of the training discrete and for a later time, but over all, I had a great time at the Capital. From the world famous Karim's and Al Bake to the royal transportations - Buses. It is the first time I spent so much time in Delhi. Only deterrent being the temperature which soar upto 46.5 degree celsius. One thing, apart from other's which I felt was different from that in Mumbai was the skyline. The lack of uniformity in the Delhi skyline complements the diverse life, with a dash of stochasticity. The classy Vasant Vihar contrasting the Rustic Mahipalpur. The Hip New Friends Colony to the humble munirka. One has to see these to experience the diversity. I am posting some sights captured and captivated in my memories forever.

इसी बात पे मुझे रामधारी सिंह दिनकर की एक कविता याद आ गई जिसका शीर्षक ही था : दिल्ली

बैभव की दीवानी दिल्ली
कृषक मेघ की रानी दिल्ली
अनाचार अपमान की चुभती हुई कहानी दिल्ली
एक दिन के ही बोल' डांस में नाच हुई बेपानी दिल्ली

But now, am back to my Home. Back to reality. Was I asleep for too long?

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