Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Maddening Madness...

Aisa paagalpan nahin chalega… Yeh lyrics hain? Kal Times of India uthake le aogey aur kahoge issi pe dhun banana hain…

This is how R. D. Burman first reacted when he read the page given to him by Gulzar. "This madness won't work...You call these lyrics?? Tomorrow you pick up the Times of India and say lets' compose a tune out of this..."
Indeed it was Madness. The Madness which gave birth to the evergreen song 
'Mera Kuch Saaman, Tumhare Pass Pada Hai...' with words such as,
एक सौ सोलह चाँद की रातें, एक तुम्हारे काँधे का तिल
or probably
पतझड़ है कुछ…है ना?
पतझड़ में कुछ पत्तों के गिरने की आहात
कानों में एक बार पहन के लौट आई थी
पतझड़ की वह शाख अभी तक काँप रही है
वह शाख गिरा दो, मेरा वह सामान लौटा दो |
Just an ensemble of meaningless words...weaving such deep a meaning! Madness indeed it is. 
What is this madness? For me, this madness is going to sleep at an unearthly time. And waking up even later...just to fuel the insane passion. This madness is to completely overhaul the life. This madness is to get back the person I once was. And this madness is to make the dreams real.
This Madness is trying to find meaning in this cacophony. This Madness is trying to find meaning in this silence.
It is this madness that has kept me going this long. It is this madness that has made me who I am today.
So, why do people say this insanity, this madeness is deleterious? Why do they do all in their power to curb this madness labeling them a menace to the society? And why do these 'sane' people not dream mad dreams or imagine crazy things?
It is these mad crazy things that have led to the birth of numerous ideas and subsequent tryst with reality. Be it the idea of relativity, that of the universe or heck...this computer I am using to put forth my madness.
So, no matter how mad or insane it matter how crazy it looks...or no matter what other people say...never stop that madness within you. Cause it is that madness which is the only hope for keeping you going on and on and on.
Madness. Isn't it?


  1. ek akeli chatri mein jab aadhe aadhe bheeg rahe the,aadhe geele aadhe sookhe,sukha to main le aayi thi,geela man shayad bistar ke pas pada ho,vo bhijva do,mera vo saaman lauta do.

  2. Madness also being stuck doing something you're not sure if you want to, but still doing it. When will ppl realize it's fine to break free? Be mad, be comfortable ? And if the realization strikes...will they actually break free ???

  3. People are scared of the unknown..a million questions bother them...what if this? What is that? This 'What if' is highly toxic and ruins any scope of go mad and try it out. Unless one is not mad, one would not get the courage to just stand up and embrace the crazy! And then, another 'What if'...