Saturday, April 30, 2011

The story of Colours

One evening at the beach I saw
Swirling in the wind
Like butterflies
A million pieces of paper
Each narrating a story

The blue one spoke of the clear skies
Where one would just fly away
Without a care in the world
Where one would be bound just by the imagination
Without the fear of the unknown

The red one spoke of courage
Where one would walk with one's head held high
In a world of freedom
Where one would not be afraid to fight for the light
In a world of darkness

The colour Yellow brightened up in the sunlight
Spreading the warmth and joy all around
Embracing the present
Illuminating the future
With rays of Hope cutting through the suffering

Green spake of growth
Making a new start when all had been lost
Of life in an otherwise barren land
In a world with no looking back
Of a beginning from a dismal end

Orange made me a promise
Of another sunny day
To come back again
After the ephemeral sunset

As I buried my fingers in the sand
And looked out to the horizon
I could see the vanes
Swirling in the wind
Mixing the colours of life in a single palette

I see them now
Bleeding into my life.
In an otherwise black and white life.

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