Friday, September 30, 2011


Sitting at the beach
looking at people
Trying to absorb some happiness
Trying to look for some inspiration

It seems to be all around
but still trying to evade me

Earlier I used to come here with a smile
A smile for the kids playing
A smile for the hawkers
A smile for the love struck ones
A smile for the sand

But now the water does not speak to me
The way it used to
Do not know what is amiss
Everything still seems the same
The sand the sea the people

Probably I am looking at the wrong place
Probably am looking through the wrong lens
She is calling me to sing to her
The sea is calling me to capture, frame her

And again I walk on the sand
with a lens in my hand
A picture in my eyes 
A thought so pristine
And a dream so grand

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