Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kinaare milte nahi...

 Just the other day, was wondering how to name a realtionship, a cherished one. Was on my way home, and I crossed a river.
A river. Starts off slow. Moulds and takes shape gradually. And as it passes on to meet its destiny, faces many turbulent times. But still comes back unscathed. Wiser. And then it meets the inevitable destiny of union with the ocean. Seems so divine. Does it not?
But beneath all this is the fate of the two banks which gets sealed in the process.
Yes. A relationship is like those two banks of the river. किनारा |
Those two banks who had started with numerous dreams in the eyes. Dreams of the destined ocean. But soon do they realise that they are like those two people who, although stay side by side the whole way, although face all eventualities of the journey of life can never meet. Can never be together. Like two friends who have always been very close that they share each others' dreams, each others' lives, but they can never meet their destiny together. And they have to witness this painful reality, staying close but staying apart. Sad. Do you not think so?
Just penning down the few words that come to my mind now...

हमने कभी की थी दोस्ती दीवानों की तरह,
दो कदम चले तो एहसास हुआ
किनारे मिलते नहीं |

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