Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kinaaro ka afsana

 Just yesterday, as I penned down my thought, my guardian angel pointed out that we have been like the banks of a river. Then only that I realized, the banks of a river, although seem so distant, are like two people, growing together without growing apart. And no one realizes how close they are. In fact they are not at all separate. It is the divine river that keeps them close. It is the strong and pristine love of the water that binds them together till they dissolve and unite in the ocean. The ocean where the love of the river surrounds the banks and takes them so deep that it is impossible to separate them. They become one. That is the true fate of the banks of a river. And in the true sense, the banks define the term true love. 

Its the two banks that give shape to the river,the two banks that guide the river to the ocean, the strong foundation of the dynamic river.

So, contuining from where I left off, and in the process, completing the whole picture...

किनारे मिलते नहीं,
किनारों को मिलने की ज़रुरत कहाँ,
उनको ज़रा गौर से तो देखो,
किनारे ज़ुदा ही कहाँ हैं ?
तस्वीर के एक पहलु से देखें
तो सच्चाई अधूरी लगती है,
इस तस्वीर को सम्पूर्णता में परखो
पता चलेगा की प्यार क्या होता है |

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