Thursday, November 5, 2009


Loss. We all are familiar with the word. The word so small yet containing the power to bring down lives. Loss. We all have come across with this word at some point in our lives.

A broken toy. A lost candy. A few marks. A loved place. A love. A soul mate. A friend.

And some how or other we have found a way to live with it. Shoving it aside. Under the carpet. In the closet. But each time we close our eyes, those images, those good times just creep out of nowhere. Just as a dream so vivid that it fills up with hope. But its only as soon as we wake up do we realize that the ray of light was just as effervescent as the dream. Loss.

I recently lost a part of me. A part which was so dear to me. A part without which one is as abysmal as the fathomless universe. As lonely as this fathomless universe. And I took to books as a trusted friend. I picked up the book "On Death and Dying" by Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross. And it lists of stages a person goes through while dealing with loss, be it money, friend or plain death. The stages are: 

Denial: This can not be happening to me. Just yesterday, everything was all fine. No, this is merely a phase and will be over before I know it.

Anger: What? Why me? How can you be so cruel God? I am never going to your way again! Do whatever!

Bargain: Well, can this not wait. At least wait for some more time. Can't this be given another chance?

Depression: If all is going to end, what is the point? The world is so selfish, what is the point living is such a world.

Acceptance: I will deal with this. This is my fight. Yes, its is finally over, time to move on. Hope tomorrow is a better day.

These stages are in no specific order and can incorporate two at a time but one must attain acceptance at some point of time. And I am going through the same. And I know it is the most difficult task in this world to accept the loss. But am sure it is a better place. From where, looking back, the dots will seem to join.

These stages are not a remedy for a loss, but the knowledge sure smoothens the edges. It is helping me. It sure will help a lot of you.

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