Tuesday, June 8, 2010


याद है, एक दिन मेरे मेज़ पे बैठे बैठे
सिगरेट की डिबिया पर तुमने
छोटे से एक पौधे का एक
स्केट्च बनाया था
आकर देखो, उस पर फूल आया है |

These beautiful words by Gulzar can be translated as,

"Remember, the other day while sitting at my desk,
you had sketched a tiny plant on the cigarette box,
come and see, a flower has bloomed on it"
The other day. Seems so like Yesterday. There was a time when I used to look up to that Yesterday. The past. How I used to idolize Yesterday. So much so that all my dreams resided in yesterday. I hoped that my tomorrow would resemble my yesterday. I was unaware of the lovely flower that has bloomed today. I was blind to the magic that tomorrow would unravel. And the rains changed it all. The experience of the first showers in Mumbai after a really long time has opened a whole new window for me. A window through which I can view the beauty of tomorrow. A window on whose sill I can sit and watch the rain drops soak the world in a blanket of freshness. Where I can feel the soothing zephyr take me to a world of joy. To a world where the past dissolves into a Future of the dreams. where the dreams are not hollow.

So, with the onset of rains, I took a permanent seat on this window sill. Joined a class to learn a skill. Set-up a workstation right in my room. Continuing the over-haul I had planned out last month. Continuing the change I had dreamt of. Not of yesterday. But of tomorrow.

With the hope that Tomorrow will be a better than Yesterday.

ज़रा आकर देखो तो, उस पौधे पर फूल आया है |